Everyone should know the basics of kitchen safety and sanitation to be safe and healthy!!

The food we eat is a potentially hazardous substance which is why it needs to be handled with the utmost care to insure that what is consumed is safe.Why is food potentially hazardous? Because bacteria uses it to survive like we do. Some bacteria we can consume with no real problems, except perhaps allergies, such as those found in cheese. Other bacteria is less friendly along with the toxins these produce such as salmonella, staphylococcus, and E.Coli. The toxins produced by this bacteria attack the nervous system and can be deadly. Then you have parasites that can contaminate food such as trichinosis. Also physical hazards such as broken glass can pose a threat if it ends up on some ones plate and is consumed.

By learning kitchen safety and sanitation you are keeping you, your family, guests and customers safe and healthy. Not having a clean and safe kitchen could also be a health code violation for you business.

There are a series of tools that will be used to determine the your needs and to develop the best plan for you:

  • Educate companies and individuals about proper sanitary cooking and food purchasing and storage methods.

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