Don’t know anything about nutrition? Don’t worry, Nick will show you!

Good nutrition, like good training, is simple – learn the basics and practice them consistently. A little knowledge and a lot more discipline is the secret. Apply yourself diligently – look ahead, don’t look back and don’t look for shortcuts. There simply aren’t any.

Make it a Lifestyle Change

In today’s world there are so many different diets and so much “breaking news” nutrition information that it is hard to know what is scientifically proven information and what is less reliable. Nick will teach you the basics of nutrition and help guide you to a better understanding of nutrition.

There are a series of tools that will be used to determine the your needs and to develop the best plan for you:

  • Initial client interview to gather a diet history and current diet information, medical history, lifestyle, nutrition profile, and personal skill level
  • Nutritional needs calculations
  • Diet history recall
  • Nutritional life style counseling involving diet plan construction and goal development
  • Personal cooking lessons
  • Personal meal planning


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