Eat well, be well, live well.

Fischer Nutrition is a nutrition consulting company on a mission to make communities healthier. The owner, Nick Fischer, RD, LDN, built this company based around his passion for people and life. Rather than wait for people to develop health complications and or suffer a lesser quality of life why not use food, something that every person has to have, to lessen the chances illness. The main focus of Fischer Nutrition is to work communities, individuals, and athletes to help educate people on how to make their diet choices something that helps them, still taste good, save money, and still enjoy life. In short, eat well, be well, live well.


Nick Fischer is a Registered Dietitian with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Seton Hill University. His passion for health, nutrition and fitness led him to develop Fischer Nutrition, where he provides nutritional education and planning to those looking for nutritional and dietary guidance.

Another aspect of Fischer Nutrition is to provide nutritional education in the Greensburg community by participating in fundraising events, providing athlete, team and business counseling, writing nutrition articles for Flat Tire Co., a local bike shop and event production company, and organizing healthy cooking demonstrations with local Farmer’s Markets.

Nick not only has a passion for nutrition but also for fitness. He leads group bike rides and is organizing a youth and beginning bicycling class to educate people on safe and ethical riding with Flat Tire Co. and is a competitive racer for Freddie Fu Cycling Team.


Fischer Nutrition Mission

The mission of Fischer Nutrition is the provide factual, scientific nutrition/dietetics related information in a way that is simple and functional. In short, every time you eat you have the chance to do something good for yourself. It is these choices that Nick wants to make better, healthier, and more frequent.

By utilizing the products available at the Farmer’s Market he hopes to show that you CAN make meals that are cheap, healthy, easy, and fast.