Learn ways to change your diet to help live a healthier lifestyle.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be intimidating in our world or mass media information and products that promise fast, easy fixes.  However, having a healthy diet is not a diet, it is a way of life.  It is something that can be sustained and will benefit your health for years to come, but it can be made simple.

Make it a Lifestyle Change

Many people struggle with weight loss and maintenance.  Finding a way to make a healthy diet your lifestyle will increase they likely hood of keeping weight off or maintaing your current weight.

Make eating the right foods a permanent part of your daily life.  You can improve your diet and live a happier, healthier life. Nick will show you how to do this!

There are a series of tools that will be used to determine the your needs and to develop the best plan for you:

  • Initial client interview to gather a diet history and nutrition profile, medical history, lifestyle, personal skill level, and motivation
  • Nutritional needs calculations
  • Nutritional life style counseling involving diet plan construction and goal development
  • Personal cooking lessons
  • Personal meal planning

Contact Nick now to get a consultation and to start changing your diet to create a healthier lifestyle!